3 Simple Steps to a Vibrant, Revived Skin


Is your Skin looking  dull and tired??

Time for some TLC…Plumbago from Central Texas Garden Blog

And it is So Easy!!

In order for the skin to look vibrant, we need to get rid of dead skin cells that build up especially over the winter months, then hydrate the tissue and nourish it.  Simple… follow the 3 steps:

Why Resurface??  Skin is like a canvas….painted by each individual’s genetics, lifestyle choices and skin care product use.   To achieve a clean canvas, it only takes a few minutes each day … that is what we call Resurface.

  • Resurface:

Sonja Botanicals Microdermabrasion Crème is excellent for Resurfacing your skin.  Used daily for a week is like having a “machine” treatment, but only for the cost of a few cents.  It is gentle yet effective and will not irritate delicate skin.  Because of the ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate, it also moisturizes as a humectant – Perfect for prepping the skin for the next step which is to Renew.

  • Renew:

    Honey Almond Scrub / Essential Moisture Masque adds a little more exfoliation and humectants to the skin giving it the nutrients it now needs to Renew.  Honey is a key ingredient known as a natural humectant and has mild antiseptic properties that help heal and condition.  Used after the Microdermabrasion Crème, rinsing very well, you will feel the warmth of the opening of the pores.  Now ready to Revive. *This high-powered anti-oxidant crème moisturizer will Revive the tissue the minute you apply a small amount.  The fruit blends and anti-aging peptides will allow your skin to feel new and radiant again.

  • Revive:

    Radiant AntiOxidant Moisture Crème is a moisturizer that is light, yet very effective for moisture and protection from free radicals.  It is loaded with antioxidants.  Free Radicals are formed naturally in the body, but their production is increased by factors such as smoking, sun damage, stress and toxins.  Studies have shown antioxidants help by neutralizing them. Antioxidants can improve cell function, increase collagen production and improve elasticity.  Check out the ingredients – you will be impressed!

*For younger skin (15-25 years), please fill out the Free Skin Analysis so we can better serve your needs for a moisturizer that suits your age and skin condition.

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