Happy Customers-Testimonies

Sonja Botanicals prides itself in delivering honest Skin Care advice and the finest in Natural Botanicals for promoting Healthy and Vibrant Skin for men and women of all ages.

We appreciate our loyal customers and are looking forward to having You in the Family of happy users of Sonja Botanicals Skin Care Products

I am a chiropractor in a medical spa that carries other lines of skincare and I use Sonja Botanicals because its products are light and smooth and quality tested. Other lines of skincare seemed too thick and would cause breakouts.

I haven’t had any problems since using Sonja Botanicals. I would highly recommend this line of skincare due to the high quality of products and great results it’s had on my skin!

Monica, chiropractor in NC

The tall bottle of green cleanser  is called Limu. I have used it for years and can’t be without it. Also the Restorative Marine Moisturizer is  a must.  Lots of wonderful products that are simple to use and I get results.  

Ruth Ellen, WA

I have never done much to care for my skin. I was used to having a combination skin with large pores that clogged easily and periodic breakouts. I didn’t expect that I would notice a difference with Sonja Botanicals, but I can honestly say it has been amazing! The first thing I noticed was the silky smooth feel of the products and the small amount needed to clean my face.That means a good value for the price. Then I noticed my skin glowing with a plumpness and smoothness that I have never had. My pores are smaller and cleaner looking and I enjoy the refreshing cleanness without any drying or tightness. I am sure I will be a customer for life!! Thanks, Lois, for making me a believer in Sonja Botanicals.

Cindy Yarbrough                   Cindy Yarbrough,  Chico, California Area Religious Institutions Industry cindyyarbrough300@yahoo.com    Link text http://www.partylite.biz/sites/cindyyarbrough/productcatalog?page=productlisting.category&categoryId=58178&viewAll=true&showCrumbs=true