Linda Shuff Martin

Do you believe a person’s skin can really change?

As a child growing up having been introduced to holistic remedies because of my Grandmother, Mother, and Aunt Lois,  I was always being involved in skin care.  Grooming was such an important factor in taking care of myself. This was always impressive and as a result I have followed my Aunt Lois through the years in her expertise and suggestions in my skin care.

Linda Shuff Nartin Consultant Sonja BotanicalsWhen I was a young girl I had red hair and freckles and was not always the most attractive to my peers.Then, I hated that I had freckles. Using the protective skin products reduced freckles and acne that gave insecurity as a young girl.

My skin did change as a result of botanical skin care products.

I’m now a mother of three grown children and have two grandchildren.  My husband and I live in Northern California, where we are surrounded by the beauty of pure natural, organic vegetation.

Since retiring from School District Administration, I am so excited to be a involved with growing the business of Sonja Botanicals.

I love sharing and look forward to working with YOU establishing a Healthy, Vibrant and Natural Skin, through the application of Sonja  Botanical Natural Skin Care Products

Linda Martin
Your Personal Skin Care Consultant.