Lois Noveroske

Welcome to our Botanical Skin Care World.

  have been involved with Skin Care and Quality Skin care products for a “Few Years”


How did that happen?

As a young child I dug up and sold earth worms for a penny a piece to pay for my school shoes.  During those hard times my Mother, being part Lois Noveroske and Sonja MendesIndian, always used botanicals and herbs for remedies as other medicines were not affordable.  Having this background led me to being interested in botanicals and herbs and using natural and organic products.  Her sister, my Aunt Maybell, a beautiful classy red head, taught me the value of beautiful grooming – hair, skin, and nails.

The combination of these two important women in my life gave me the foundation of success in my career.

I attended Pepperdine University, where I studied Business Administration. Wanderlust was a stronger motivator than college so I left and moved to Geneva, Switzerland where I worked in new product development for a leading cosmetic firm.  It was there that I learned about ingredients and International marketing.

The next turning point was the most exceptional training in public relations and personal development where I became one of the first Directors and Senior Director for a well-known cosmetic firm.  Being a single mother to three wonderful children, who I have always considered “my blessings,” all the past training and experiences helped me in raising them to believe mediocrity is not good enough – to reach for the moon and you might catch a star on the way down; that you become what you think about – that God is first, family second and then your work.

This is my core belief , as well as helping others to achieve their desires by way of encouragement, whether it is about their personal achievements or skin care results.

Numerous training sessions throughout my lifetime include:  training in color and make-up artistry by world-renown artists, Medical Aesthetic training,  European techniques in skin treatments, personal training with several European-trained teachers in bodywork, anti-stress and anti-aging acupressure techniques, medical technical peel systems and muscle lifting, micro-current, and Advanced Medical Aesthetics training.

The beginning of Sonja Botanicals came out of a desire to develop a skin care line that would be simple, yet beneficial with results that can be seen.  After testing many products from different manufacturing laboratories, I was able to pick and choose the products I knew would give those results and produce the quality, high-standard regimes of Sonja Botanicals Skin Care.

Not many private label products have actual clinical trials behind their formulations due to the very expensive process.  Sonja Botanicals Skin Care Products are proud to have those clinical trials.

In summary, I am proud to present Sonja Botanicals Skin Care as a simple, easy and affordable regime that gives you healthier-looking, fresh skin and personal assistance to any of your skin care needs.  We have served hundreds of clients since 1987.

Please feel free to contact me or any of our well-advised professional Skin Care Consultants.