What does Clarity have to do with “Pretty Skin”?

Thinking about what makes “pretty skin”….  of course Clarity is the first word that comes to mind. 

Clarity meaning from an Aesthetician’s point of view, is healthy tissue. 


Diet, stress,  sleep, water – all these make up “healthy” skin.  You probably have heard the old cliche, “you are what you eat”…. well since your skinApples help with Healthy skin is the largest organ of your body, guess what?? 

It all shows up there! Nutrition is critical to healthy skin and overall health.  Believe me, what you eat and nourish your body with now, shows up later!!  Most of your anti-aging nutrients come from fresh fruits and veggies, especially, green and dark.  Do they really make a difference?  Studies show that to be true.  Water is Drinking water to keep health and clear skinthe other key component of nutrition.  Hydration is critical for skin and also helps in carrying toxins out of the body.  How much is enough?  Well, a good rule of thumb is when you empty the bladder, drink a full glass of water right after…if your urine is still yellow, you need more water.  . 

And a good sound 6-8 hours of sleep gives your whole body time to rejuvenate to healthy wellness.  By the way, if you eat all your food before 7 p.m. and go to bed around 10 p.m., you most likely won’t wake up with “puffy eyes.”  Going to sleep on a full stomach makes your body work hard when actually it is time for it to heal, replace cells, and rebuild to healthy status during rest.


Take the challenge – eat more fresh….drink more fresh….sleep more wake up fresh….
and begin with a skin care regime that promises to make a difference.  Resurface, Renew and Revive with Sonja Botanicals Summer Special.

Aging is a fact – how we age is a choice most of the time.  Did you know that only 10-15% of cutaneous aging is actually driven by genetics?  So Mother and Grandmother are not all to blame… we have to take account of our own regimes.  Sun exposure is probably one of the worst culprits for showing signs of aging.  Wish I’d known that when I was 14.  So can we help it now?  Can we slow down the process of aging? 

Can I even reverse some of the damage?   You can!! 

Stay tuned… more to come  … 

blessings to all and don’t forget to hug someone today… 

thanks for reading…. Lois

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