Dermaclenz Cleanser  8 oz. $25– Combination and Oil Skin Types


SB-8243sbDermaclenz Cleanser  8 oz. $25– Combination and Oil Skin Types

           Like “squeaky clean” ? –  then you will enjoy the feel of a thoroughly cleansed face yet still moist.  This unique cleanser contains Essential Oils of  Orange, Geranium and Eucalyptus. It contains a blend of Meadowsweet extract combined with Lactic Acid and polysaccharides from Honey Extract which provides excellent moisture while increasing skin surface renewal.  Lemon Bioflavonoids and Rosemary Extract stimulate and tone. Perfect for Teens  – simple and easy to use in the shower or by the sink. Contains Aloe Vera to hydrate and heal; Organic Salicylic Acid to remove excess dead skin cells; Kola Nut known to help reduce irritation to the skin; Horse Chestnut known for its astringent qualities to help in healing the skin.


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