Combination Regime for Oily Skin and Teenagers – FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE and FREE SHIPPING


Sonja Botanicals Skin Care Basic Oily & Teen with Free MasqueA useful Combination focusing on correcting the irritation of Oily Skin.



Sonja Botanicals Skin Care Basic Oily & Teen with Free MasqueThis simple Basic Regime helps to control oily skin and perfect for Teenagers.

Dermaclenz Cleanser  8 oz. $24– Combination and Oil Skin Types

Enjoy the feel of a thoroughly cleansed face yet still moist.  This unique cleanser removes excessive oil and environmental impurities while increasing skin surface renewal. Essential Oils together with Lemon Bioflavonoids and Rosemary extract stimulate and tone. Excellent for teens with problem skin. 

Herbal Blend Astringent  8 oz. $23 – Combination and Problem Skin Types

Eight organic extracts provide natural healing by using a cold process that eliminates the alcohol content. These extracts help to clarify and condition the skin giving a refreshed and revived feel.  Can be misted or used on a pure cotton pad.  Excellent for teens and oily skin.

Glycolic Gel Renewal  1.7 oz. $35 – For All Skin Types

Water- based gel formulated with Alpha Hydroxy 6% which is a natural acid found in sugar cane.  It conditions oily skin and helps to clarify problem-blemished skin.  Perfect for teens and those suffering from Rosacea.  Excellent humectants are also included in this formula creating a light, soft, non-drying feel.

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser   8 oz. $25 – For All Skin Types

A wonderful scent of Grapefruit, together with natural acids and Jojoba beans gently loosen the bond of dead skin cells.  This accelerates the natural skin renewal process revealing a fresher and more youthful looking skin. Use with rotary brush or fingertips.  Especially great for teens. 


  Aloe & Azulene Gel Masque 2 oz. $18 

Cool Blue Gel with refreshing and soothing effects of Aloe & Azulene. Excellent treatment for after waxing, extractions, and professional glycolic and laser treatments.  Aloe known for it’s anesthetic, antibacterial and tissue restorative properties, hydrates and soothes. Azulene extract from essential oil of matricaria and chamomile flowers. The deep blue natural colorant is the most expensive part of the plant. Sodium Hyaluronate, Japanese Green Tea extract and natural ingredients enhance elasticity and flexibility in the skin.




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