Normal Skin Type Basic Package – FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE and FREE SHIPPING


Love my Skin  “Starter Package$133




Basic Skin Care Package by Sonja Botanicals Love my Skin “Starter Package” – Easy to Use – Immediate Results


Limu Cleanser  8 oz. $25 – Normal to Dry & Sensitive Skin Type

A favorite that clients cannot live without!  Sucrose Cocoate is a natural sugar ester that cleanses the skin gently yet thoroughly. Analytical studies show a sufficient increase in skin flexibility and skin hydration while removing surface debris and make-up. So gentle can be used after laser treatments or chemical peels.  Great for shaving too – beard or legs!!

Ginseng Mineral Toner  8 oz. $23 –  For All Skin Types

Mist with this hydrating, revitalizing formula that aids in the skin’s natural repair process.  Contains natural proteins that maintain elasticity (collagen stimulation). A blend of aromatherapy oils to sooth and relax your senses as it conditions your skin.  A must and a favorite!

Papaya Crème Enzyme Polish 3.3 oz. $25 – For All Skin Types

Enjoy the refreshing look and feel as this gentle crème exfoliates and digests dead skin cells.  Essential oils extracts help eliminate bacteria.  Extremely hypoallergenic and mild and does not dry out the skin.  Gentle enough for delicate skin.

Restorative Marine Moisturizer  2 oz. $35  – For Normal & Dry Skin Types

Our Star and Flagship Product.  The clinical studies prove incomparable results to any other moisturizer for this type of skin.

This formula naturally derived from red marine algae found in the Hawaiian Islands, together with proprietary chosen extracts, will increase firmness, elasticity, and moisturization, reduce fine lines and increase cellular turnover.  Soothes irritated and dehydrated skin due to sunburn, chemical peels, and laser treatments.

SPF30 Advanced Protection 3.3 oz . $25  Full spectrum UVA & UVB absorber.  Transparent micro fine zinc oxide.  You can wear under your make-up or alone.  Contains natural extracts reducing skin irritation.  Don’t leave home without it!!

And a FREE:

Aloe Vera / Azulene Gel Masque 2 oz.. $18  – You will love the refreshing scent of Lavender while you rest with this gel masque on your face.  Put your feet up and breathe.  The natural benefits of Aloe Vera are anesthetic, antibacterial and restores tissue.  The Azulene extract from matricaria and chamomile flowers soothes and sodium hyaluronate gives the humectants that moisturizes, lubricates and soothes.  A great “pick-me-up” treatment for tired skin.




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