Skin Care Reality

In all my years as a professional involved in skin care products and ingredients,
I have found this to be true:

There is no actual reversal of  the effects of “aging” except for certain “treatments,”
i.e., laser treatment, injections, surgical facelifts and best of all “micro-current”.

However, the ingredients we apply to our skin does make a difference!  No matter what your age, a healthy “glow” of skin care can visibly be seen.  And lucky you if you began taking care of your skin on a daily basis with good, healthy ingredients as a teenager.

Does it really matter?  Oh yes!!  Clinical trials have proven that we can improve collagen synthesis with certain ingredients.  You know that collagen and elastin are the natural ingredients that  holds the tissue together and gives you that “firmness” to your skin.

Vitamin C. Retinol, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3, Resveratrol are just some of the ingredients that you can apply to your skin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkling, slowing the aging process and keeping it in balance.

Take care of your skin early on and know that ingredients with proven clinical trials matter!  It takes time to have beautiful skin – give yourself that time and enjoy the benefits.


Be careful in buying an expensive cream that promises “wrinkle rewind”….  you can refine, nourish, reduce and slow the process – but only the above exceptions will refine those deep wrinkles.

More to come on micro-current… and some amazing results with Retinol.

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Lois Noveroske, Licensed Aesthetician