Sonja Mendes

I have a passion for life and loving people is woven into the fragment of my soul.

My mother shared early on with me her love for people and skill of motivating others to help them achieve their dreams. She demonstrated to me the joy you receive when you help make people feel beautiful. I have loved helping people feel beautiful ever since. These fruits of the spirit are now a natural part of me.

I started as a little girl going to the “skin care meetings” and enjoyed the motivated, positive ladies with songs on their lips that vibrated the ceiling tiles.

My journey with skin care started then and when I was 16, I became a real consultant. I wonder if I was the youngest ever? Beauty school was Sonja Mendes form Sonja Botanicals Skin care productsthe next step to having the skill to love on the folks enhancing their skin and hair. Shortly after graduating, my mother and I started a salon in Fresno which really gave us the insight of “Pampering at It’s Finest”. That journey lasted just enough to get our feet wet and I was off to the Northern California area where I reside today with my husband and precious children. My husband Jeff and I have been married for 23 years and have 3 wonderful children, Nathan, Meghan and Ethan.

I went back to school to receive my BSN at California State University, Chico in nursing. Nursing like loving skin and hair all relates to the joy and love of helping people. Today I work in the Mother and Baby Care Center at Enloe Hospital in Chico, California as well as assisting with Sonja Botanicals. The Sonja Botanicals Skin Care journey has been so amazing. It has been so wonderful to see the products put together in the customized regimes that make a difference in people’s lives.

I love what I have been blessed to do in this life and ultimately the best part is to be a part of your life’s journey. I challenge you to take part in the love of this company and the products that will enhance your life.

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